Saboteur 2: Avenging Angel

Saboteur 2: Avenging Angel (1987)

Distribuidor/Marca: Durell
Genero: Arcade 1 comentarios





2015-08-31 11:56:01 kIeeUHdVe dice

A great fighting game with deep cortonls and tons of replay. The online gameplay with created fighters and known UFC vets alike is fun and rewarding for anyone who put hours into their create-a-fighter. Some folks have complained that leveling up your character through the training sessions were boring, menu nonsense, but I also really enjoy RPGs so I found this menu system intuitive and way faster than going through mindless mini-games over and over for hours on end (you're building a fighter's career that's years long!). The fighting in the game is fluid and deep. Getting the cortonls down is made easy with the in game tutorial and a bit of time in the octagon. Once you're familiar with the cortonls getting in there and punching people in the face is tons of fun. The different Striking and Grappling techniques make interesting combinations possible that should please any fight fan. The animations and sound effects are very good. It's truly satisfying to drop a Superman punch on someone or deliver a truly spectacular head kick that rocks your opponent! Whether you're a fan of the UFC or just a casual gamer I think that this game will keep you playing for a ling time.

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