Narco Police

Narco Police (1990)

Distributor/Developer: Dinamic
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2017-02-12 00:56:37 BRmxBnnPvl0I says

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2017-02-08 03:41:40 30iYCkLG says

Leider zahlt es nicht immer die ARGE. Ich mach derzeit ein (unbezahltes) Praktikum – bekomme keine Leistungen. Also auch keine Krenaknversicherung – die muss ich selbst bezahlen.

2016-02-18 08:24:23 09Lyyk27wkl says

, I think that that situation is far, far from the evaredyy reality, and that those claims of harmless drug distribution are mostly just BS to make people justify/feel better about making a decision to participate in something that is destructive to people they aren’t connected to. How about the decision our government made to force our own people to participate in something (the War in Iraq) that is destructive to people we aren’t connected to, not to mention the devastation on our own soldiers?I imagine that the sum of human misery wreaked on humanity by this war is far greater than that dealt to us by Mexican drug cartels, but of course there's no way to quantify that I'm just making a counterpoint to Lindsey's self-righteous sermonizing.Her opinions are far, far from the evaredyy reality of hundreds of thousands of pot smokers who get their weed through small distribution channels of growers and their friends with extended networks.Lindsey is profoundly disconnected from the reality of buying weed, so how would she know anything about it?I vehemently object to her assertion that the reality is that as long as drugs are illegal and thus (at least to satisfy the lion’s share of the market) must be grown/harvested/created in a way that begets violence and corruption. This may apply to drug crops like opium poppies and coca (only because they are illegal), but where is the data to support her sweeping assumption (otherwise known as bullshit) concerning marijuana?A report issued by The Marijuana Availability Working Group assembled by the Office of National Drug Control Policy says:“Annual production of marijuana in the USA was estimated by the US authorities to amount to more than 10,000 [metric] tons in 2001/2002.”According to Jon Gettman's report in The Bulletin of Cannabis Reform, Marijuana Production in the United States , American marijuana farmers grew 22.3 million pounds of marijuana in 2006 with a value of $35.8 billion.It's true that the Mexicans have moved into stateside marijuana cultivation in our national parks, but I challenge Lindsey to show that this production satisfies the lion’s share of the market in the US for marijuana.Just as the violence and corruption engendered by the prohibition of alcohol was promptly eliminated by its repeal, so should we demand the repeal of the unjust and socially destructive prohibition of marijuana and all other illegal psychoactive substances.Lindsey's statements do not hold water.Please pass the bong.

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